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Terms of delivery:

Each item has a different delivery time, depending on the type of jewelry, customization or not, the necessary size ...

The deadlines are noted in each product sheet.

Return policy :

IMPORTANT: Custom creations are neither exchanged nor refunded due to their personalized nature.

Report any problem to us and together we will find a suitable solution.

For creations in single model or small series available on the site:

We understand the difficulty of choosing a jewel on the internet (differences in light, proportions difficult to understand, uncertain finger size ...)

This is why, in order to facilitate your shopping experience at Pebilie, you have the "satisfied or refunded" guarantee. 

It is also a stress-free way to try on a piece of jewelry.

You've seen a nifty creation on the online store, but you're not sure whether it will go to you wherever it goes to its recipient (as part of a gift) ... but you don't want to pass beside ! because our creations are almost all unique models ...  


No problem, order as normal, receive the jewel and if it does not suit you, return the jewel free of charge within 14 working days and we will reimburse you.

there is no additional charge for you.

Here is the procedure:

1. It is important to specify that the jewel must be in perfect condition when it is returned, you have certainly tried it on, or even worn it for a few hours ... but the jewel you return to us must be in its original condition and in his  original box, so that we can grant you the refund.

2.  Then just send us a message using the form below 

To inform us of your wish to return the jewel that you have just acquired (it is up to the purchaser of the jewel to take the step) you have the possibility of describing the problem encountered to us, it is optional but this will allow us to improve our offer in the future, but of course you don't have to.

3.  We will send a stamped and prepaid envelope to your home.

4.  Slip the jewel in its box and in the envelope provided, then drop the envelope in your post office.

5.  Once the jewel has been received in our workshop, we will check its good condition, and we will send you an email to notify you of the full refund.

6.  We will not make any refunds without having received the jewel, of course.

7.  You will receive the refund within 30 days maximum.

Please consult the T & Cs for more details on the return conditions.

Delivery rate:

The delivery price is now included in the sale price.

Form for the return of a "satisfied or refunded" jewel

We take care of your request

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