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The creator :


Welcome !

I am Amélie, Creator of the Pebilie brand

Craftsman and Jeweler graduated, I have several years of experience in this field and to tell you I am passionate about what I do.

I was trained at the jewelry-jewelry school of Lyon, in ancestral and traditional techniques of the art of jewelry, I have over the years acquired a technique and a unique know-how that I offer you today .



crédit photo : Malorie Françoise photographe

The Values of the Workshop:

I started to create out of passion, but over time my way of thinking about jewelry and working with it became more engaged.

At the Atelier we celebrate differences, because that's what characterizes us!

Long live imperfection!

Our jewelry reveals your inner strength, but also our authenticity.


crédit photo : Malorie Françoise photographe

My world ? 

The lines of the jewelry that I make are intentionally irregular, they are free to go where they want, I am not looking for perfect symmetry, nor a straight line,  I experience the vibration of raw material ... this moment when it will create an emotion, recall a memory and transport us to other places and times.

Living in Chambéry in Savoie, I am directly inspired by nature and the rocky massifs that surround me.

I define myself as a jewelry sculptor (or sculptor, both are allowed)

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